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I was touched by her honesty & vulnerability. Her words were filled with healing & the promise of second chances. Being in the Mental Health field, I know the closure & revelation her words will bring to so many. It's a positive read for all , not just the ones who have shared her journey. Dr. Patricia E. Conn
What an amazing inspirational book! It has helped me in my OWN personal journey! Thus book reminds me that we all go through storms in life but to NOT turn your faith and heart away from the Almighty Creator! In my days of struggles I turn to the word....just like my Godly sister did and continues to do. Thank you Sarah for being strong faithful and continue to help me with your words. I\'m hoping you will do the next book that God is placing in your heart!
For the past two and a half years I have been involved with Celebrate Recovery. Some of the trials you have been through and were able to talk about in your book, really helped me to understand others dealing with similar past hurts. And the timing was perfect. I needed to read your words exactly when I did. Amazing how God works to bring all things together for his good. Thank you for your honesty and putting yourself out there. God bless you. Praying your book will touch many lives for the glory of God!
Reading this book... Helped me realize that the way someone loves their life is how they truly are... Sarah\'s life now reflects how someone can change through God... And her life totally reflects a Godly Woman! What an inspiration her book was to me and I know so many when you think there is no hope! This book deserves 5 stars !
I've been meaning to let you know how much I enjoyed your book! What... an awesome testimony of God's grace! Blessings to you on your future endeavors. ?
Amazing story amazing journey - thankful for prayers for you even when you didn't want them! so glad God brought us together!
Sarah s book is fantastic. She is a gifted author. I would love to read another book by Sarah.

a little about..

My Gift to God

Have you ever heard this quote by Brennan Manning?

“God loves you unconditionally, as you are and not as you should be, because nobody is as they should be.”

This quote in a nutshell surmises “My Gift to God.”  It is a story . . . Sarah’s story of being a self-proclaimed Ragamuffin in this crazy world we live in.  A journey, raw and vulnerable . . .   

Sarah was the devil in disguise wrapped in a pretty, little, good girl package…

After childhood sexual abuse,

After a father, her hero, was lost to a stroke when she was nine, and then lost again, to alcoholism,

After being alienated from her mother and learning to use church as a “get out of jail free” card…

Sarah depended on no one and trusted only herself. Childhood secrets and false teachings distorted Sarah’s idea of truth, and of God. The appearance of perfection was the only way to attain significance. In a search for love and self-fulfillment, Sarah ran into the darkness of a world full of

Drugs and alcohol,

Intimate encounters with men and women,

Abusive relationships,

An eating disorder,

And more….

The Christian world condemned her, but God pursued Sarah into that darkness, not to fix her self-absorbed behavior, but to heal her wounded heart. She only needed to give it to Him.

But, Sarah could not become what the church wanted. So, why on earth would God ever want her gift, ugly, damaged, and complicated?

Sarah McKinnis

Sarah McKinnis

Author & Speaker

Sarah McKinnis lives, as a daughter of God, the Most High King, devoted to an imperfect life of harmony with her best friend, sweetheart, and husband, Adam. They live on a small farm in Birchwood, Tennessee, raising a flock of feathered babies. Sarah is a compassionate soul with a candid voice, who uses the turbulence of her own story to facilitate peace to those experiencing relational brokenness. Her words ignite the truth of the hope, mercy, and unending grace in Christ for others. In the fearless honesty, humor, and wisdom of her writing, and speaking, as well as in the authenticity of her relationships, she imparts truth in love. She heals in a world that is suffering.

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